Geotechnical Engineering

Aviles Engineering's Geotechnical Engineering department is headed by Shou Ting Hu, P.E. with one additional licensed geotechnical engineer, three engineers in training, one licensed geologist and one geologist, and nine field/laboratory technicians. This is one of the most experienced Geotechnical Groups in Houston that have provided geotechnical services on many significant projects in the Houston area. AEC's Geotechnical Group has completed over 500 geotechnical projects and over $5 mil in net fees over the past 5 years.


Construction Materials Testing and Inspection

Aviles Engineering's Construction Materials Engineering, Testing and Inspection division is headed by Ronald E. Ortwerth, P.E. and Shane Ressman, P.E., with more than 40 and 20 years of experience respectively in providing construction materials testing and inspection services in the Houston Area. These engineers and managers provide support for 24+ ACI, TxDOT and NICET Certified Technicians with experience ranging from 30 years to 1 year in construction materials testing and inspection. AEC's Materials Group is also one of the strongest materials groups in Houston and has provided services on many significant projects. AEC has completed materials testing and inspection services on over 300 construction materials testing projects and over $8 mil in fees over the past 5 years.


Environmental Site Assessments

Aviles Engineering’s team of environmental professionals has successfully managed and conducted Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), environmental baseline studies, operational monitoring programs, and regional geological studies throughout the State of Texas.


Aviles Engineering's professional staff of 50+ employees has broad and varied cumulative experience in the various services. Aviles Engineering's Management Staff, Shou Ting Hu, P.E., Ronald E. Ortwerth, P.E. and Shane Ressman, P.E., have combined experience of over 90 years providing geotechnical engineering and exploration; construction materials testing and inspection services; construction management, construction supervision and inspection, environmental assessment, permitting and consulting services in Houston, the State of Texas and the Gulf Coast area.


Shou Ting Hu



Ron E. Ortwerth

Senior Vice President


Shane Ressman

Vice President


State Of Texas Certifications

Laboratory Accreditations and Affiliations

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